WAD Summer 2019

The 30th Edition of Workshop on Aptitude Development (WAD), a seven-days workshop was inaugurated with exuberance at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur on 3rd June, 2019. Mr. Rajat Kapoor, Founder, Director and CEO at the Ascent-Group, also an alumni of RCOEM was the chief guest of the inauguration function.

Dr. R. S. Pande, Principal of RCOEM and Dr. Rashmi Shahu, Convenor of WAD were present on the dais.

Over 110 delegates from various colleges across Vidarbha have participated in the Workshop. Dr. Rashmi Shahu, Convener WAD, in her opening remark said that the aim of such an endeavour was to explore the latent potential in each of the participant and help them to reach the highest altitude. She stated that WAD is a platform which gives one space to let yourself out. Dr Rajesh Pande, Principal RCOEM, said that times are changing, education is witnessing a lot of change. Types of jobs, employment and expectations from the candidates are changing and thus WAD helps individuals to live up to those.

The Chief Guest Rajat Kapoor in his address to the delegates said that he has noticed massive changes in technology and businesses over the past years. The most important change is the development of Brand India. The global reputation of India has phenomenally changed. Our country has got extraordinary amount of recognition. He shared his professional journey and stated that it taught him to have higher aspirations. He quoted that “Aspirations change civilizations”. The youth of the country should dream big and benchmark against the best was his opinion. He said that one should suffice his education with innovation and should try to innovate everything to make it better, faster and cheaper. He stressed on virtues like team-building, adaptation to changing workspaces, being open to new ideas and criticism, discipline and the need to have good communication skills. He also mentioned that one should evaluate changes on the basis of factual data rather than gender, cultural and racial biases. One should build a sense of gratitude and should contribute back to the society were his views. He concluded by saying that happy people achieve better than unhappy people and hence one should enjoy one’s journey of life. He ensured WAD’s success and gave best wishes to all the delegates and organisers.