RCOEM got 'AA' rating for its Local Chapter Swayam-NPTEL Jan-Dec2020

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management has got 'AA' ranking in top 100 NPTEL Local Chapters for Jan-Dec 2020 exam run. 

Following are the positions of RCOEM NPTEL Local chapter since its inception :

Ranking 'AA' in TOP 100 NPTEL Local Chapters at 30th position, Jan-Dec 2020

Ranking 'A' in TOP 100 NPTEL Local Chapters at 88th position, Jan-Dec 2019

126th position, Jan-Apr 2019 NPTEL Local Chapter Ranking

Best New Local Chapter certificate, 147th position, July-Dec 2018 NPTEL Local Chapter Ranking

Team Vidhira of RCOEM bagged First Prize worth $5000 at Streamr Data Challenge

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Third Year students team won First Prize worth $5000)
Streamer Data Challenge [Two Months Hackathon]

About the Competition:
The Streamr Data Challenge, based in India, brought together a talented set of developers in an open innovation program, inviting them to create valuable data economies through the Streamr Data Union framework.

• Lumos Labs
• Streamr

Number of Rounds:
• 4 Rounds
o Round 1 : Participation
o Round 2 : Qualification Round for Top 20
o Round 3 : Qualification Round for Top 5
o Round 4 : Demo day (Top 5 Teams)
Teams Participated:
• 200+ registrations from all over India
• 150 teams selected for Round 1

Title of Project:
• Vidhira

Team of Students:
Team Name: Third Year CSE Aatmanirbhar
• Rishikesh Kale [Team Leader]
• Atharva Paliwal
• Yash Roy
• Ritul Deshmukh

*Prize Money:
• $ 5000 USD [First Winner Team RCOEM(CSE)]*