Disbursal of study material to SC/ST students of RCOEM under Prerana Scheme

Department of Management Technology, RCOEM has received grant of 6.5 lakh from AICTE in 2019 for preparing SC/ ST students of RCOEM. The name of the scheme is "Prerana Scheme". Under this scheme DMT has organized a study material distribution on 25th March 2022 for SC/ST Students in MBA Auditorium. 21 students under this scheme have received study material for preparing for higher studies.

RCOEM students won Late Shri J.M. Thakar Memorial Inter-Collegiate award

Students of RCOEM won the Coveted Late Shri J.M. Thakar Memorial Inter-collegiate debate competition. The participating team included Advika Metre and Nikhilesh Chandak from first year.

Advika Metre also secured second position in Best Speaker category.

This competition is held every year in the memory of  Late Shri J.M. Thakar, one of the founding members of Shri Nagpur Gujrati Mandal. This year it was held on 23rd March 2022. The topic for debate competition was, "Our Education System is Capable to make India a completely self-reliant nation". Around 17 teams from different colleges participated in the competition.

Concentrated Solar thermal (CST) Facility at RCOEM

India is on its way to become a ‘Net Zero’ country; according to the India’s ‘Panchamrit’ gift to the United Nations Conference of Climate Change (COP26), which says we have committed to meeting 50% of the country's energy demands with renewable energy sources by 2030. It is our responsibility to contribute in every way possible to demonstrate the nation's commitment.

Higher education institutions have been identified as a critical pillar in the growth of countries. RCOEM Nagpur, as one of Central India's most prestigious higher education institutes, has recognised the need for research and development as well as awareness regarding renewable energy technologies. As a result, the institution is working diligently to create renewable energy facilities on campus for utility, demonstration, training, and research. Our current focus is on the use of solar energy, including solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. RCOEM has established an excellent Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) system research facility on campus, in addition to a 460 kWp solar photovoltaic plant.

Apart from harnessing solar energy for direct electricity generation, usage of solar heat for thermal applications is another promising option. Around 50% of total energy consumed in India is used for heating applications, which include community cooking, process heat, and space heating and cooling in industrial, institutional, and commercial establishments. The heating applications are mainly classified as low temperature (below 800C), medium temperature (up-to 3000C) and high temperature (above 300 0C). Solar collectors of the non-concentrating type are well suitable for low temperature applications, while solar concentrators are used for medium and high-temperature applications.

Recognizing the significance of future research and knowledge dissemination about medium temperature solar thermal systems a state-of-the-art IOT-enabled and completely automatic research facility for a Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) system has recently been established on the RCOEM Campus.

The research facility consists of two parabolic-dish solar concentrators, each with a 16-square-meter aperture area and a carefully designed helical coil cavity receiver to maintain the concentration ratio above 300. The dish collectors, along with the tracking gears and motors, are positioned on the rooftop of the Hostel mess on campus, using a specifically designed tripod type foundation. The dish collectors are made of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) material and highly reflective anodized aluminium sheets to reduce the total weight of the system and auxiliary power usage. As a result, the 4 x 40 W PMDC motors can balance the entire tracking system while providing enough torque and rpm. To reduce convective heat losses, the receiver and working medium circuit are insulated with light resin bonded (LRB) Rock wool material. The dish collectors have a fully automatic Aurdino-based two-axis tracking system that tracks the direction of the sunrays so that all captured solar radiation must concentrate at the collector's focal point.

The entire system is fully automatic and controlled via an IoT-enabled graphical user interface (GUI). There is adequate online data monitoring capability in place, which is used to monitor the plant's live performance via a specifically built data acquisition system and IoT interface. During non-cloudy weather, the temperature at the receiver comfortably rises up to 200 degrees Celsius.

A high temperature in line vertical pump, a 300 litre stainless steel accumulator with a built-in coiled tube heat exchanger, expansion tank, pressure switches, a 2 HP air compressor, and two direct sparged stainless steel cooking vessels are also included in the system. The installed system is set up in such a way that researchers can use the entire 32 square metre collecting area or each individual dish collector for any comparative study.

The project coordinators Dr. Sandeep Joshi and Dr. Vishal Shukla of Department of Mechanical Engineering further informed that the research facilities will benefit undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral research students on campus. Some of the current research efforts include using CST to generate pressurized hot water for cooking and other applications, using collected heat in vapour absorption refrigeration (VAR) system, development of efficient thermal storage units and more.

RCOEM Nagpur has self-funded the entire project. The project coordinators have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the college management and Principal- RCOEM Nagpur for their thoughtfulness in fostering a sustainable research culture on campus.

RCOEM Chess Team (Both MEN & WOMEN) won Consecutively Second Time Intercollegiate Chess Tournament organised by RTMNU


RCOEM Chess Team (Both MEN & WOMEN) won Consecutively Second Time Intercollegiate Chess Tournament organised by RTMNU during 14-15 March 2022, and Our Two Students ( For MEN Team) were Selected to represent RTMNU for West Zone Inter University Championship.

Mr Ameya shrivastav (Civil III Year )& Aryan deogade (BTECH I Year) selected for West zone interuniversity championship.

List of Students selected for Inter University Championship: 


1 Tanya Pandey EC B.TECH I I
2 Nirali Mehta EC III VI
3 Shivani Anil Agrawal EC IV VIII
4 Silvi Gupta CSE B.TECH I I
1 Ameya Shrivastava CIVIL III VI
2 Aaryan Dinesh Deogade EC B.TECH I I
3 Rudra Garge EC B.TECH I I
4 Yash Ingolikar EC II  IV
5 Sangeet Khule MECH. IV

An inspiring story of Aditya Chaturvedi -MCA alumnus of RCOEM

Aditya Chaturvedi - An inspiring story of courage and perseverance in adversity

This is a heartwarming story of Aditya Chaturvedi, an alumnus of the 2019 batch of the Department of Computer Application. Aditya took admission in the MCA course at Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management in the year 2016.

The first day of the new session was chaotic as always, with the students running around searching for their classrooms and labs. In a quiet corner on the ground floor, there sat a student on a wheelchair, with a smile on his face. This smile on Aditya’s face remained throughout the three years he spent in the Department.

Why this needs special mention is because Aditya suffers from a degenerative medical disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This condition makes it impossible for him to stand, walk, control his head movements or move his limbs. To make matters worse he also has to fight overall muscle weakness and fatigue on a daily basis. But never has he allowed this debilitating condition to overpower him. He has set an example for all of us with his dedication, ability to take up challenges and succeed against all odds with dignity. His academic and career graph is truly a pointer towards his fighting spirit.

He successfully finished his SSC, HSSC and the Bachelor of Science degree from Institute of Science, Nagpur. He graduated top of his class with 9.31 CGPA from RCOEM and earned a Master’s degree in Computer Application. He was awarded a gold medal for his stellar performance.

He actively participated in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities held at the departmental as well as college level. He also appeared for various placement related activities conducted during final year and was able to crack the aptitude and technical rounds of good companies. His efforts bore fruits and he got selected as a software trainee in Novatech Software Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, through campus placement. While in Novatech, he also started preparing for various national level exams. He cleared GATE exam and after that got selected in the National Informatics Center (NIC) as Scientific Technical Assistant-A.

Currently he has been selected as Scientist-B in NIC and would be shortly taking over this new responsibility in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

He has been able to achieve all of this with his positive attitude and perseverance. He has never ever coveted any special treatment from others and has endeavored to lead his student life like any normal student, which by any yardstick, is a feat in itself.

In a recent interaction in the Department, he recounted that this would not have been possible without the motivation and support of the Head of the Department, Dr. P. S. Voditel and the faculty members. He also expressed happiness that under the able guidance of the college management and the Principal, Dr. R. S. Pande, the college has created an enabling environment for students with special needs.

He also gives credit to his parents who have stood by him through thick and thin and literally carried him on their shoulders through this difficult journey.

We are extremely proud of Aditya Chaturvedi and wish him loads of success, happiness and good health for the future.

Dr. R. S. Pande, Principal RCOEM felicitating Aditya Chaturvedi on 28th Feb 2022. He has achieved the milestone of getting selected as Scientist-B in NIC.