Gyanodaya’19 Inaugurated

Gyanodaya’19- “Education is a lifetime idea that will develop your character”-Swami Bhramhasthanandji

Tuesday 6th August, 2019, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management hosted GYANODAYA 2019, the Induction Program for First Year Engineering & MBA Integrated students. The function was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp at the hands of Swami Shri. Bramhasthanandji, President, Ramkrishna Math, Nagpur, Chief Guest for the occasion, Shri Chandrakantbhai Thakar, Vice Chairman, RCOEM, Shri Satyanarayan Nuwal, Vice Chairman & President of the function, Shri Govindlal Agarwal, General Secretary, RCOEM, Shri. Kailash Chandra Agrawal, Secretary RCOEM, Shri Rajendra Purohit, Secretary, RCOEM, Shri Ashok kumar Pacheriwala, Tresurer, RCOEM, Dr. R. S. Pande, Principal, Dr. Y. M. Sonkhaskar, Dean Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and Dr. Sanjogta Meshram, In-charge First Year BE.

Dr. Y.M Sonkhaskar, Dean, SRC introduced Swami Bramhasthanandji, the chief guest of the function who enlightened the audience on the meaning of GYANODAYA. Swamiji quoted a few teachings by Swami Vivekananda on education and character building and the ability to decide what to take in and discard. He also emphasized on being sincere and truthful in the endeavors one takes. He also  threw light upon the importance of real knowledge of working of mankind and character building. “Education is a lifetime idea that will develop your character” were his words.

Shri Satyanarayan Nuwal addressed the first-year students and asserted upon the importance of hard work and ethics. He gave an overview of the functioning and of all opportunities provided by the institute and shared his insights on having a clear vision and objective to be able to achieve a set goal. “Knowing is not enough, we must apply; Wishing is not enough, we must do” is his idea of true knowledge.

Shri Govindlal Agarwal, General Secretary, RCOEM addressed the gathering of parents and students by emphasizing on the importance of quality development in education.

The Principal presented the Gram Geeta to the Chief Guest and delivered his opening remark. It focused on the accomplishments of the college focusing on the recent national level achievements of the students, the colleges’ efforts and provisions for the overall development of the students and other academic and non-academic attributes of the college. He ended his note by extending warm and good wishes to the newly inducted students. 

In the second half of the function, Dr. S. D. Mohgaonkar, Dean Second Shift introduced the various deans, HODs and functional in-charges of the institutes. He also briefed about the various functional committees of the institution and the expectations and the responsibilities of the students towards the institute. He also urged the parents to be an active part of the various events and their responsibilities towards the same.

The previous day, Ms. Jharna De and DCP Shri Chinmay Pandit (Zone 2, Nagpur) had a motivational talk with students. Dr. Sanjogta M. Meshram (First Year In-charge), Dr. A.J. Agrawal (Dean Academics), Dr. Abhijeet A. Aghase (Controller of Examinations), Prof. N. M. Deshkar and Dr. Rashmi Shahu (In-charge Counselling Cell), Dr. Anupam Kher (Dean T&P), Dr. Preeti Voditel (Prof. In-charge GEMS), Dr. C. P. Pandhurnekar (Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee Member), Dr. J. P. Kalambe (Presiding Officer, ICC), Dr. Cynita Christy (Librarian, RCOEM), Dr. Y.M. Sonkhaskar (Dean SRC), Dr. Amit Anurag (HOD, Physical Education) addressed the students about their respective portfolios and existing facilities in the college.

Concluding the event, Ms. Jasmine Jadwani, Student Welfare Head, SRC and Mr. Yash Khandelwal, Cultural Secretary, SRC delivered the vote of thanks. The event was compared by Ms. Tanvi Bhat and Mr. Samwardhan Khandelwal, SRC Students of RCOEM.


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