RCOEM Alumni Bring Laurels in IES Exam 2017

Felicitation of Mr. Lohit Yadav, 1st All India Rank holder in  IES 2017 (Mechanical Engineering) at the hands of Shri Govindlal Agarwal, General Secretary, RCOEM

Besides, providing excellent technical education, RCOEM provides guidance and encouragement to the students for their all round development. The college also inculcates high values of patriotism and nation building. These were the words of Shri Govindlal Agarwal, General Secretary RCOEM who was speaking in the special function organised in the college to felicitate Mr. Lohit Kumar Yadav, the 1st All India Rank holder in IES examination (Mechanical Engineering) conducted in 2017. It is probably for the first time that a student from private engineering college has topped the list of successful candidates in IES exams. Mr. Saurabh Chitlange who secured 43rd All India Rank in the same exam was also felicitated on the occasion.

Both the students have completed their graduation in Mechanical Engineering from RCOEM.  Dr. R.S.Pande the Principal of the college appreciated the success of the students and said that it will motivate other students of the college to take up All India Exams such as IES, IAS etc..... It gives a chance to the students to utilise their technical and managerial skills for the nation and society.

Felicitation of Mr. Saurabh Chitlange, 43rd All India Rank holder in  IES 2017 (Mechanical Engineering) at the hands of Shri Govindlal Agarwal, General Secretary, RCOEM

L-R : Dr. Anupam Kher, Dr. K.N.Agrawal, Dr. M.M.Gupta, Mr. Saurabh Chitlange, Shri Govindlal Agarwal, Mr. Lohit Kumar Yadav, Dr. R.S. Pande, Dr. Mrs. Mrudula Korde

L-R : Mr. Lohit Kumar Yadav and Mr. Saurabh Chitlange

While replying the felicitation Mr. Lohit Kumar Yadav expressed his gratitude to the college and Department of Mechanical engineering for fostering positive attitude, effective study habits and sound technical foundation in him. He said that it is necessary that more and more students from Nagpur should appear for All India Exams as it will offer them a rewarding career. He further added that he made his own strategy to prepare for the exam. He read the interviews of those who had cracked the exams before him.  Regular meditation and Yoga helped him to concentrate on studies and saved him from stress.  For last couple of years he remained away from social media.

The success of Mr. Saurabh Chitlange is sure to motivate many. He said that there is no need for the students to lose hope even if they get setbacks in life. 

L-R: Dr. Anupam Kher, Dr. M.M.Gupta, Mr. Lohit Kumar Yadav, Dr. Rajesh Pande, Shri Govindlal Agarwal, Mr. Saurabh Chitlange, Dr. K.N.Agrawal, Dr. Mr. Mrudula Korde

Dr. K.N.Agrawal, Dr. M.M.Gupta, Dr. (Mrs.) M.S.Korde and Dr. Anupam Kher who were prominently present on the occasion also congratulated the students for their glaring success.

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