RCOEM students are the winners of Hack The Game at IIT Goa

Team of two- Madhav Jha (III Semester CSE AIML) and Anjali Kushwaha (III Semester CSE Data Science) won the 1st position in the event Hack The Game, organized by IIT Goa during the Annual technical fest CEPHE-2022 held in January 2022.

Goal of the event was to learn and use OpenCV python library and demonstrate in the hackathon. Aim of the Hackathon was to take any game of choice and use OpenCV as primary library and any other required to "hack" as in to achieve a great score that would be not possible via manual human gameplay. The team (thisDot) hacked the game atari breakout by google and achieved a high score of 2444.

Github repository:  https://github.com/jhamadhav/atari-breakout-hack



Snapshot of the game developed (available on the link: https://elgoog.im/breakout)

Game link: https://elgoog.im/breakout

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