Trackman Alerting System an innovation by RCOEM students

Beneath the dreams of every aspiring engineer lies that one pure passion-to change the world through innovations. When it comes to innovations, students from RCOEM never cease to surprise us with their most ingenious inventions. Recently two group of students from Department of Electronics engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management – Group 1:- Siddhesh S. Jagtap, Amey P. Dahikar, Vinay A. Kewte, Aditya S. Chikte innovated a Trackman Alerting System and Group 2:- Adesh Khandekar, Adesh Singalwar, Rishabh Mishra and Nirav Jain innovated software which would help in counting the TVU Census of particular LC gate under the guidance of Prof. Bhalchandra Hardas and Prof. Vishal Rathee. DRM Nagpur Central Railway Shri Somesh Kumar has given opportunity to justify and offer an solution for resolving problem statement. The then ADRM , Nirmal Kumar Bhandari and Sr. Divisional Safety officer Arvind Dabhade gave all technical support for the same. 

Trackman Alerting System:-  According to Indian Railways 768 track maintainers were run over by trains between 2012 and 2017. Besides that, trackmen have to carry heavy equipment while doing the patrolling. Trackmen are the foot soldiers of the Indian Railways. Keeping the vision of saving their lives these students came up with a matchbox sized IOT device which can be easily strapped around the arm of a trackman and the transmitter can be set up on the train having a range of 1km(approx). This wireless alarming system can save 400 lives /year. This device is 4 bit encoded to prevent the trackman from false signal. Receiver unit can also identify the track from which the train is approaching and beeps accordingly. This portable and handy device has a in-built battery which can last for 10-15 days continuously with a charging facility as well. Frugality and resourcefulness have ensured that this product costs only INR 3333/- This product was successfully tested on near Diamond Crossing on Delhi Line at Nagpur. 
TVU Census System:- The TVU Census System is a software which would help in counting the TVU Census of particular LC gate. This solution was practically planted to the LC gate No. 120 of Manish Nagar Nagpur and found success in TVU calculation. The software is able to detect, classify and count the number of vehicles and gives the TVU Census.
For these innovative solutions given to central Railway recently the students and faculty members were felicitated by Shri Sanjeev Mittal, General manager, Central Railway, Mumbai. DRM Somesh Kumar, ADRM Shri Jay Singh, Sr. DSO Shri Arvind Dabhade and other officers of Central railway were prominently present. Management of RCOEM, Principal Dr Rajesh Pande , Head of the Department Dr A. A. Khurshid and faculty members congratulated the team for this success.
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